Jul. 4th, 2010

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The plane came in from Heathrow, passing over Boston late in the evening, where the fireworks were reflected in the harbour. A sparkling sight from ten kilometres up.

There was some delay at JFK, with luggage and immigration. A plane had come in just ahead of ours, loaded down with anxious folk from Africa, and things took their time. It was a few minutes shy of midnight before I got to the immigration bloke.

He looked at my passport.

He looked at me.

"Happy Birthday!" I smiled.

He took a couple of beats, then the joke sank in and he smiled back.

I hope I made his Fourth of July a little bit happier.

Me, I had a grand time in the early morning, with friends to show me Manhattan. So many things to see - my eyes were wide open until the fatigue caught up with me a little after dawn and I started falling asleep in mid-sentence, wanting to see everything but needing just a little battery surge to keep going.

So many things to love about America. Our big brother, showing the way to independence, democracy, a better way of doing things.

A few things to dislike, but on balance, I'm a fan.

Happy Birthday, America!


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