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Last night I finished insanely early - like about nine. I had a headache, I was tired, it was wet and dark and cold.

Tonnes of work around, but I took a passenger from the airport to Turner, Turner is next to Braddon where the Shell servo is located, the car has a card for Shell gas, and well, I just gassed up and came home.

In an hour I'll be at the airport myself. Kerri and I are flying up to Brisbane. She's going to take her mother shopping. Kerri's mother is a frail old lady, but a world-class shopper. She wore me out a year ago when I had her for the day and we just popped into one of those hardware sheds for a few things. She had a list. We pretty much spent the day in there, not counting the stuff we took home, found it didn't fit and returned. I was pretty much wasted for the rest of the weekend, especially once I'd spread the gravel and done the weeding.

For me, it's my high school reunion. We meet at 1630 for a tour of the school grounds, then the evening will be spent eating finger food in the bowls club next door. It's been 36 years since I saw these people. I trust I'll enjoy the event.

And then we fly home on Sunday night.
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I'm having far too much fun blogging. Far too much fun and not enough time to do it in.

I've begun a blog for the reunion of my old Sunnybank State High School class at and the latest post deals with my first day at school. I'm also listing the top songs for each week, and selecting one or two for "Pete's Jukebox". Thanks to Amazon for providing links to cheap downloads of most of the songs, and to YouTube for videos of most of the rest. And to Stock Exchange for generic free photographs.

Here's the post:


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