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We never found the kittens. Jessica went from being pregnant to not. We searched the garden with torches, looked carefully in likely and unlikely places, watched her closely and we never found them nor were led to them. No little kitten noises heard, no nothing.

Pretty much given up hope that there's a nest of kittens somewhere. It was very hot last Friday and Saturday and given the amount of time Jessie was lolling about near the back door, she obviously wasn't feeding them or looking after them.

She doesn't seem to be lactating. In fact she's barely out of kittenhood herself. So we don't know.

Not happy that she escaped. At least if she'd had them in the house, we'd know, possibly been able to assist.

Qantas has advised my flights and promised me an information pack in a couple of days. Up to the resort to confirm accommodation, but as summer isn't the high season at Ayers Rock, this shouldn't be a problem.

The camera promised as part of the prize hasn't arrived yet. It was supposed to be couriered to me last week. So I'm only going to have a few days to play with it. I'm supposed to be taking video footage and spectacular travel pictures to go up on the website, but with a new camera I don't know how outstanding I'll be. Possibly I might fudge a bit and use my Canons.

I'm also learning how to edit video footage in iMovie. Pretty basic stuff, but I should be able to make some sort of video blog to go with the stills and words.

Research on the five-star resort:
The rooms are basic at best.
...certainly not my idea of a 4 star hotel...
Our three night stay at Sails in the Desert, (A$816), was extremely disappointing. The lobby is lovely but quite smelly! The staff were generally uninterested and unhelpful.
...the mattresses were old and sagging...
Shameless promotion of a resort as 5 star which in our experience would qualify as a 2 star experience........5 star in prices only, unless you want to pay like a wounded bull for food/drink I suggest you take some instant have been warned!
The property is touted as a five-star, luxury experience, but in reality it is a barely adequate two-star motel. The hotel is run-down and in need of a major face-lift- the rooms can best be described as Holiday Inn circa 1991. Far worse, the property itself was unkempt and dirty. The elevator was not vaccuumed the entire time we were there and was absolutely filthy; mold was visible in the shower; and there were stains on the sheets. The place was literally crawling with flying beetles (I realize the hotel can't do much, if anything about that; the stench, though, was awful).
You may find a queue of crickets waiting outside of you hotel room door – and they all want to get in. During day you will as well have hoards of flies waiting to occupy your ears, eyes and mouth. And when the sun sets you are likely to be harassed by mosquitoes.
Do not come in the hot summer months (December - March) as there are an extraordinary number of flies, moths, and crickets that will spoil your stay.
Would I go there again: no.
Would I recommend this hotel to my best friend?
no way!

Lucky I'm not paying for this stay, hey?

I'm reading Paul Theroux, as an example of great travel writing. Cripes, but he's good.
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Looks like I'm first up! Out of the twelve winners in the recent Qantas travelwriting competition, I'm going to be first to take the holiday. And therefore first to submit my required 500 words, photographs and videos.

Subject to the resort having a room available, Kerri and I will be leaving next Friday (20th) for Ayers Rock and five star luxury.


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