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My BookCrossing friend, Texaswren, is donating her blue ribbon award winning craft horse at auction to raise funds for the Victorian bushfires.

Take a look at her horse here.

It's a beauty, but be warned you'll face some spirited bidding from me!

So hot!

Feb. 7th, 2009 10:35 pm
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I had a lot of trouble sleeping. Full of stress over three young runners. I worked out very early on that they were probables, but drove them anyway.

I don't mind giving away time (and money) to get people home safely, but when they are callous about it, it grates. Worse, there are probably any number of cabbies who depend on the money - Lord knows it's hardly a high-paying job - and losing an hour's income, plus having to work another hour to pay for the fifty percent that the cab owner gets, well, it's something that can turn a good night into a disaster. These three young charmers had obviously done a runner many times before and many a cabbie would have pulled into the Jerrabombera servo to bemoan the fact with the nightman.

I'm trying to eliminate sources of stress in my life, and being polite to cads who skip off without paying only goes so far. I need to find a way to make me feel good about identifying runners and rejecting them, while not offending paying customers.

My European listeners, full of snow and icicles, will probably not credit the heat here. It's after ten at night and I'm sweating. It's been bloody hot today, up around forty degrees. Spent a lot of the day trying and failing to sleep in the heat.

Jessica the cat escaped yesterday morning and returned in the evening, obviously no longer pregnant. We have no idea what happened to the kittens - our back yard is full of shubbery places that are inaccessible without heavy equipment. But not feeling good about this. Jessie is being far too visible and laidback to be spending much time with a nest of kittens. We monitor her movements for an hour and she leads nowhere, so we let her be.

Kerri's father and his partner are back home to Queensland. Good to see them - lovely people both - but even when they tiptoe around in my sleep time, the patterns are changed. I'm exhausted after a week, especially when it's too hot to get any afternoon naps.

Been wrestling with the awards website for Qantas. It's buggy and frustrating. I may have to pay 5 000 airmiles for the assisted booking. Even so, the ticket only gives me sixteen flights and five stopovers, and I can't transit the same place twice, which makes getting to New York from Edinburgh without going through London again very difficult.

We may fly into London, pretend we are staying for a week, and do either Paris or Edinburgh as a side trip.

Or bite the bullet and pay for two economy tickets - they are having a sale on now - and see if I can use my points for upgrading to business class. DD would love that. So would I. Longhaul in Economy is not much fun.


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