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Ken is spot on when it comes to picking films I'll like.

I loved this one. A gem. Could become a cult classic. Definitely one to watch over again to catch the details that you missed the first time, before you realised what was going on.

The Dean standing at the foot of a tree - a beautiful old English tree with a bench around it - where we can hear the sounds of a cat stuck up in the branches. An odd shot of the younger brother killed in the war.

It all falls into place later.

Peter O'Toole is magnificent. "Push on!" he calls to his son at the controls of the Bath chair, and he has a great range of emotion from none at all to absolutely stricken. Some wonderful supporting characters, too. The housekeeper/cook talking to her husband is just terrific, and the mad Indian cricketer.

Thoroughly recommend this delightful Edwardian experience. Just go for O'Toole and enjoy his superb acting. The quirky plot is a bonus.

Lovely outing. Kerri and I picked up Ken, then had coffee in Manuka before and lunch in Queanbeyan overlooking the river after. A big chunk out of my sleeping time, but.
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Dean Spanley. I've just got back from seeing it with Ken and Kerri, and loved it. I can now understand why Ken was so keen to see it a second time. It's funny, witty, thoughtful, poignant, and very evocative.

Now I've got to go watch it again to pick up the bits that went over my unsuspecting head the first time around.


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