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Or blame her.

I mean Bookczuk, of course. Way back in 2005 I was taking my first gleeful steps into the marvellous adventure of international travel, and of course documenting the steps in a series of travel journals.

The Fort Worth convention in 2005, and when i unplugged my laptop from the phone line long enough, Bookczuk was on the line. "Did you get the package?" she asked, before urging me to go off to vote for Charleston as the 2007 host of the convention.

And of course I had gotten the care package she'd sent, care of the hotel. The hotel had been the destination of any number of heavy boxes and urgent packages, it hardly needs saying, and I was the delighted recipient of one from Charleston.

Inside, amongst other cherished gifties, was a Levenger Circa journal. I promptly fell in love with Levenger and Circa. I'm an office supplies nut from way back, and whenever I get an excuse to wander around a stationer's shop, or one of those giant OfficeWorks warehouse outlets, I jump onto it with both hands.

Levenger is pretty much the cream of the cream of these things. Superb design, elegant, sturdy, desirable.

My life doesn't quite revolve around Circa, but it should. My travel journals are Circa, my household records, my jotting journals...

I've even gotten the odd bit of leatherwork to hold the notebooks. It's a complete system, and lugging around a leather case with all manner of specialised paper and plastic pages inside is no chore at all.

My wallet is a Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase. The International Bomber Jacket style. I love it on a daily basis.

My passport, loyalty cards, travel documents and boarding passes live in a bright red Levenger Road Scholar zip-up holder. Secure, visible, handy.

And I've always got Circa notebooks and personalised 3x5 cards around.

This morning I succumbed. Every few days Levenger sends another email with a special offer, and every few months I'm charmed enough to order more supplies. The hard part is stopping - the online catalogue is sooooo full of stuff that is soooooo good!

They should pay me a commission. As part of every order, I add in a couple of Levenger starter kits, and as a Pay-It-Forward homage to Bookczuk, I give them out to folk who might be as charmed as I.

Thank you, Dearestczuk, once again. I am way in debt for all the joys and delights you have sent my way.

Levenger is one such addiction, and I indulge myself shamelessly. But if I gave myself into the other addiction, one that involves yummy little sesame wafers, I would be both big and broke.
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