Jul. 1st, 2010

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The high school reunion went well. I took notes and misplaced my camera, but I enjoyed the evening and will blog fully later.

Shopping with the inlaws was a bit stressful, especially for Kerri. There was a lot of co-ordination involved, getting to and from places in what is now an unfamiliar city. Kerri's mother is a demon shopper, but frail, encumbered by lots of equipment, and in frequent need of long bathroom breaks.

I delivered them all to the inner-city shops, made sure that all was good, and then gleefully evaded the ladies shopping that ensued. I bought a couple of WordPress manuals and a new giant Starbucks Brisbane mug. Arrived at the meeting point a little early - at another Starbucks - lined up for ages for a couple of slender lattes - and was able to present one to me frazzled wife when she arrived. Sent M-I-L off home with S-I-L, and we had some time to ourselves. Sat down to finish off our lattes, then looked around some bookshops for a couple of craft books she wanted.

Then we retrieved the rental car, drove around some of our old Paddington haunts, and headed off for the airport, where we lounged in the lounge before our evening flight home.

Monday night was bad. I was returning to the airport when some bozo whose mission in life was to overtake every other car on the road decided I wasn't getting out of his way quickly enough and overtook me on the left in the bike lane. There wasn't enough room, he tried to push me out of the way, and our lovely silver cab is looking bruised and battered. Driveable, but shorn of side mirror and indicator, with scrapes and bumps all down her left flank.

I was disgusted to see that the other driver had his wife and infant children in the car with him. What's more important in your life, I wanted to ask him, overtaking random taxidrivers or getting your family home safely?

It wasn't as if I was dawdling along the road, neither. I think this guy might have been enraged by the fact that after speeding along the road, overtaking everything in sight, including me a long way back, he got stopped by a red light and I was able to sail through at full speed a moment after the light changed to green. Comes of going through that intersection a hundred times a week for years. You get to know the light cycles.

I wish I'd been more alert for what this bloke might do, but honestly, who expects someone to overtake on the wrong side in the bike lane? Geez. If I hadn't been constrained on the accident report form to tell the truth, I would have put his numberplate down as "2CM".

Now our cab has been off the road for three days, the owner, my day driver and I have lost a chunk of money, the taxi service in Canberra has suffered, and so has my happiness and self-esteem. I've had far more accidents in the last three years than in the thirty years before, and I'm not sure I really want to keep this up.

On the subject of happy, I've begun yet another blog. More on that later.


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