May. 18th, 2010

skyring: (Default) Chit-Chat, as ever, provides thoughtful entertainment. There are a few precious characters there - I'm one of them, I guess - but when you get a group of quirky, clever, well-read folk together the result is always a spicey mix.

Apparently the United Nations (or someone) has declared the 20th of May to be International Draw Mohammed Day.

Some discussion ensued, with some thinking it was a good idea to twist the tail of fundamentalists and others not wanting to needlessly insult others.

Freedom of speech easily over-rides blasphemy, but just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do it.

For some people, there is some core idea, belief, cause, group, or concept that over-rides everything. In some cases life itself. Some people are willing to die for a cause, and if they take a few non-believers with them, so much the better.

Religion, politics, sports. I call it the "football team" mentality. Maybe the believers draw the line at dying for the cause, but they will certainly go to extreme lengths to get tickets for the big events, whether it's dinner with Jesus or a front row seat with the champion driver. Money is no object. A bigger house to hold the shrine - or a garage for the venerated Ferrari - or a baseball diamond carved out of the cornfield.

A common theme is that the fundamentalists are so blinded by the glory that they can't see how ridiculous they are. My god rides a flying horse. Mine whips around Monaco at a bazillion kilometres an hour. My god uses (hush) The Force!

It's not the day to day adherents that bother me. It's the ones who care too much. The ones who want everyone to be tolerant of their one true devotion, whilst at the same time they cannot abide unbelievers. You've got to draw the line somewhere.

For me, well, I won't be drawing no pictures of Mohammed. I support the rights of others to do so, and I deplore those who care too much. Including those who see it as their holy cause to annoy others. If you get a bomb coming back at you in return for your cartoon, don't say you didn't see it coming!


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