Apr. 6th, 2010

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Well-Travelled Tote Bag

I posted a couple of days ago about packing. All my books go in my big yellow BookCrossing tote, which is made of awesome and holds about a bazillion book and gets slung around by airline baggage handlers and puzzles Customs people: "It's books ALL the way down, buster!"

So I got a package of books from the wonderful Jenny-G and others from here and there. I've been snaffling up the light books at recent BC meetups, and they have all been accumulating in corners.

So I drug up the big rolling duffle from under the house and began piling clothes and Tim Tams in, and hunted around for my big yellow tote bag. Hmmm. Not under the house. Not in the study. Not in the bedroom. Not in the shed. Not in the library. Not in any cupboard. Not under couches. Not in the roof space. Not in the cars. Not, *gulp*, anywhere!

I must have left it at a BookCrossing meetup, possibly beside my car when I drove home. Maybe it was chucked out with piles of old clothes, possibly as a container, not meant to go into the charity bin but nevertheless included by well-meaning offspring.

Stressing about this. I don't think they still make the BC tote bags, and I loved this one a lot. OK, it's battered as anything, having been around the world six times and six halves, not to mention here and there in Australia and New Zealand. It isn't new anymore, and there's only so much that even the "durables" heavy-duty washing cycle will do for it.

Oh well. Have to buy a new bag. Rollaboard size. Nice and square to carry books. Yellow for preference. Do it on Tuesday when the shops are open again.

Never mind that Easter Monday was positively BUZZING in town on half-price Easter Egg day. I coulda gone in and bought it yesterday, but I have this naiive idea that on a public holiday shops will be shut, you know?

Lucky I didn't. Mentioned this to the offspring this morning as a last forlorn hope, and DD, bless her heart, looked around in her wardrobe and brought it out!

I don't go into my daughter's room. Kerri does, but I don't. Kind of an Abandoned Area. How it got into her wardrobe I don't understand, but that's by the by. I have my big yellow BC bag back and it's filling up with books and I'm a happy chappy again!

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