Jan. 10th, 2010

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I've been very slack at updating, and writing and lots of things. Sorry.
Christmas Day and Boxing day were days of sloth and slumber. We had a duck for our Christmas dinner. Not a huge success, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. These days when the whole family is together are precious. We have varying timetables, DS in particular is beginning to show signs of flying the nest, and well, it's kind of sad to think that our little family will one day soon no longer be together under one roof.

But of course, when that happens, it means that it will one day be a larger family and there will be fresh joys.

On the Sunday, we drove up to my sister's place at Gosford, where we had another family dinner. DS staid behind for this one, so it was Kerri, DD and I driving four hours up and four back. Good to see sister, b-i-l, two nephews, and Mum. Mum is increasingly frail. She's having heart surgery within the month and her days of living alone in her little cottage in Rockhampton are probably numbered. If not ended.

Canberra pretty much goes to sleep between Christmas Eve and Australia Day. The government shuts down, the students and the cadets disappear, the local paper features pages of news from the South Coast where half of the public service summer in shacks on the beach. And cabbies cool their heels in the heat.

Yeah, it'd be a great time to go travelling, except there's nothing happening in the world of BookCrossing, it's hot on this side of the Equator and freezing on the other. No thanks!

New Years Eve and the three days following were days of idleness and sleep. I spend a lot of time sleeping, it seems, but realistically I'm just catching up, given the lack of slumber during my normal work routine. A couple of hours here and there - that's it for me on a weekday.

Last night I took Kerri out for dinner. A hot day and I didn't really feel like the salt and pepper squid that was on the menu. Besides, I'd have to help cook it. I could see that Kerri was looking forward to it as much as I. So I suggested dinner at the local (airconditioned) restaurant. We got in the car - yeah it's about two minutes' walk, but so hot and sunny that Kerri balked - and found the place closed. So we off to Manuka. I saw TX18 idling on the rank, and popped my head in to smile at my weekend driver. He's a treasure - keeps the car clean, doesn't smoak, earns a ton of money. His only vice is that he rearranges the CDs and we are sometimes surprised by Pakistani music crooning out of the slot we expect Chet Baker to appear from.

Legends, the Spanish restaurant. It's opposite the taxi rank, and I often wonder what the food and atmosphere are like. Good, I can report. It was crowded with Summernats people talking car bits and being giddy in large groups, but there was a table for two, and we worked our way through a bottle of very nice Spanish rose, mild crusty garlick bread, some tapas and a paella. No dessert - we were stuffed! Not even coffee at Artoven. There were a few minutes left before Paperchain closed and we browsed through. I hung out at the entrance waiting for Kerri at closing time. The staff looked around, turned the lights off and stared at me, asif to say, well why aren't you leaving?

"My wife's up the back," I said, and sure enough, out comes Kerri from behind a bookshelf, looking surprised that the world had suddenly gone dark and made reading difficult.

We got in the car, came home, turned the evaporative cooler on, and collapsed into bed.

It's hot!
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Stolen from Fancy'orse

Talent Verscence Art thou God's sake Mism Miles 'Orses Red Mism Red Rential Or Moment Williams Two 'Orses Red Rential Two Consent Talent Williams, Miles God's sake Relief Art thou 'Orses Red Rential Relief 'Orses Williams Two Or Talent Two Two God's sake Art thou God's sake Mism Moment Leather Talent La France Or Oranges God's sake Mism Moment Red 'Orses Leather.


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